The rolling ball sculpture is in my house.  Tom’s part is done for now.  I’ve been working out some ideas in my head.  And by that I mean that I’ve spent quite a bit of time running those marbles through their paces.  Getting a feel for the sculpture, and how someone else might interact with it. Sometimes the marbles are sent together, sometimes spaced out a bit.  I’ve even been know to set them free somewhere in the middle of the run.  It’s all part of the process, you’ll just have to trust me on that.

In motion?

I feel I have three different ways that the base could go.

  • something simple, with little competition against what’s happening above
  • play up the spirals, with concentric circles, mimicing the sculpture
  • enhance the twirling aspect with designs with movement

Or, maybe a compination of all three?  In an effort to learn more about RBS, I’ve googled.  Here’s one with a traingular base and one made of wood.  And one out of Legos!

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2 Comments on “Brainstorming”

  1. Tom H Says:

    Well, aren’t you just having a good time now? It’s a little bit addictive, isn’t it? You’re totally going to town on this, and I’m happy you’re having fun with it.

    You’ve found three of the first web sites I ever encountered when doing my own research on RBSs. That Eddie Boes guy is a friggin’ genius! He now lives in Lafayette, IN, and though I’d LOVE to go visit his shop, he’s apparently been stupid busy for months. The last link of his work that I saw was some humongous construction in…Germany.

    Um, I guess it’s good you posted that link. I was thinking of naming this sculpture “Cascade,” but it looks like Eddie already did that with one of his. Bah!

    There are no limits on materials for these things. I’ve seen copper, brass, stainless steel, iron, plain steel, Legos, plastic tubing, writing paper, cut up file folders, and scraps of anything and everything that will support a rolling piece of media. It’s pretty cool to see all the different ideas that people incorporate to meet the same end.

    Regardless of the material, there is a flow, a sort of moving grace or poetry, to the whole thing. I am really thrilled to see you putting so much energy into making your contribution a part of the whole. I think it’s going to be wonderful when it’s done, and I really can’t wait to see it finished! (Okay, I can, but it’s worse than waiting for Christmas as a kid!)

  2. […] it looks like she’s taking this whole thing pretty seriously! I’m stoked. Check out her thoughts here. Do not hesitate to leave comments on her blog. I’m sure she’d love to hear from you. […]

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