The drum out and about

Drum in natural habitatThe drum project has a life of its own.  Being used as an actual drum.  Here it is with some friends before being put to work.

About the rolling ball sculpture project….

I’m ready to purchase wood!  I did a couple of mock ups, and think it’s time for the official design.

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3 Comments on “The drum out and about”

  1. Tom H Says:

    Yay for buying wood! *jumps up and down and flails hands wildly*

    The drum looks great, too, and sounds wonderful as well. I’m kind of bummed that my gear was the least interesting bit at the party. Actually, today I considered decorating the thing, but since I plan on selling it at some point, this seemed like maybe not the best course of action to take…

  2. Tina Says:

    Yes, I’ve been shopping, and found nothing! I’m not happy about it. Not one bit. It looks like I’ll either have to glue something together to get the right size or hit Indy for better hardwood selection. Thoughts?

  3. Tom H Says:

    The first thing that springs to mind is Rockler, although they’re more of a hardware/tool type of place, but they do sell wood.

    My pop has been a woodworker his entire adult life. He’s in a group that builds toys all year to give away at Christmas. If there’s a man that knows wood, that’s pop. Tell me what you’re looking for, and I believe we can get you hooked up in short order. You’ll have twenty men all around Indy digging through scrap piles!

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