Hoagy Carmichael

One of my ongoing projects is taking pictures of Hoagy Carmichael.  Yes, I realize he died in 1981, but a statue of him was placed near the stage door of IU Auditorium last fall.  He’s very popular.  People like to leave him things.  I like to think they are offerings to a legend as a way to ensure a good show for those about to perform.  I plan to take pictures of as many of these items that I can.

Hoagy see Showalter

Hoagy sees Showalter Fountain

From the Dedication

From the Dedication

Hoagy in his new spot

Hoagy in his new spot

Winter Hoagy

Winter Hoagy

Spring w/ Hoagy

Spring w/ Hoagy

Hoagy and a tulip

Hoagy and a tulip

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3 Comments on “Hoagy Carmichael”

  1. Brian Says:

    Hey Tina,

    I stumbled upon your website because I too am a Hoagy fan.
    So much so that I have been finishing a documentary about the making of the sculpture itself. My Jr. and Sn. year at IU I filmed the making of the sculpture. 90 hours of building, sculpting and interviews with professors, presidents of IU and Hoagy fans alike. I hope you are still documenting Hoagy because those pictures are so great.

    As I wrap up the project Im curios if you would be interested in adding your photos to the end of the film and perhaps even talking about your project as well.

    Just a thought.

    Not sure where you are but I live in LA now and have been working on this film for a few years. Regardless I will be coming to IU either this year or next to film the statue in its place.

    Hit me back if you like.

    Thanks for taking those photos. The scarf cracked me up.



  2. Tina Says:

    Thanks, Brian. I’d love to hear more about the documentary — I’ll be in touch.

  3. Tina Says:

    And, Brian, have you seen my Hoagyland! photoblog?

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