Seeing Texas

My husband I went on a BBQ tour of Texas recently.  I thought I’d share a map of the Austin area — with pictures — of some of our adventures. Feel free to click around. Any questions or comments are always welcome. Next time, Dallas, I’ll be sure to include you, too.

I should mention the Lone Star State is keeping true to its name. I saw stars everywhere, and I took pics!

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3 Comments on “Seeing Texas”

  1. Tom in Avon Says:

    So, which one was the best?

  2. Tina Says:

    Oh, Tom! What a tough question!
    I liked the ribs at Kreuz’s the best. We even went back to Lockhart just to get a second helping. I liked the sausage at Black’s (and Smitty’s, too). Rudy’s made a turkey sandwich that I fell in love with in Waco. Um, can I say that I liked them all for different reasons? Is that allowed?

  3. J.J. Perry Says:

    The ribs at Kreuz’s were great. So were the ones at the Salt Lick, but too much sauce. I loved the sausage at Smitty’s Market, and the brisket at Black’s. Natty Flat was a nice prelude to the rest of the bbq.

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