Masking madness

A friend turned me on to new masking tape ideas.  Car detailing masking tapes. They’re super skinny and very flexible.  I ordered a couple different kinds, and they arrived yesterday.  Since, I couldn’t wait to try them out, I used some on the meme project that I’m working on.

New tape!

New tape!

Oh, my goodness, I know, I’m excited about new tape. But, wouldn’t you be? Here’s the results of the first tape-trials:

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3 Comments on “Masking madness”

  1. J.J. Perry Says:

    That tape is pretty cool — I can see where you’re going to be able to work quicker and with more precision. A win all around!

  2. Alice Hanagan Says:

    Is car detailing your next project?

  3. Tom H Says:

    Me, I would be very excited about new tape, but then I tend to get excited about stuff like old broken cast iron augers or sheets of leftover brass, so my opinion may differ a little from others.

    Looks good from the photos. What’s your personal opinion? I do hope it was some help, at least for certain situations.

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