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Adventures in masking

November 27, 2010

Stained Woods and I are in the process of moving to South Dakota.  Here’s a few pics of my dismantled work spaces.

Oh, and I’ve found some new masking materials.  Tape with attached plastic sheeting for additional masking.  Very useful for painting the ceiling, but not sure if it will be added into the Stained Woods inventory.

Yes, the stained glass below is my work, too.

Masking madness

July 20, 2009

A friend turned me on to new masking tape ideas.  Car detailing masking tapes. They’re super skinny and very flexible.  I ordered a couple different kinds, and they arrived yesterday.  Since, I couldn’t wait to try them out, I used some on the meme project that I’m working on.

New tape!

New tape!

Oh, my goodness, I know, I’m excited about new tape. But, wouldn’t you be? Here’s the results of the first tape-trials: