About Tina

That's me

I stain wood.

I know, it doesn’t sound very interesting when I put it like that, but you’ll have to trust me.  I use a variety of geometric patterns–including quilt designs, a dozen or more gel stains and lots of painters tape to put my designs on wood.

Some pieces are purely decorative and hang on the wall, but many are usable pieces including trivets, tables and stools.  My latest ideas have revolved around musical instruments.

I should let you know that much of my time is spent as a professional stagehand. Yes, I dress in black with a flashlight and Leatherman on my belt.  I’ve been a roadie and lived on a tour bus, but prefer to stay closer to home these days.  I even have a couple of degrees from Indiana University — one in Techinical Theater and another in Scenic Design — to make it official.

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