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New page added to Hoagyland!

June 23, 2011

I’ve been hard at work adding a page to Hoagyland that links the song title used in the post back to the photo.  Now you can search by song title.  Check it out! 

A rare photo of Tina hanging out with Hoagy.

The 44’s and Los Fabulocos

June 8, 2011

More photos from my adventures at the Simi Valley Cajun and Blues FestivalThe 44’s kicked off the festival on the blues stage, where Kid Ramos sat in for a song or two, followed by Los Fabulocos featuring Kid Ramos. Here’s my version of what happened:

Photos from Simi Valley

June 6, 2011

Memorial Day weekend had me in southern California at the Simi Valley Cajun and Blues Festival.  As usual I took lots of pics.  Here’s a slideshow from the Lester Butler Tribute Band with Big Pete and the rest of the band honoring Lester Butler.  For a review of the show or to learn more about Lester, check

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