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JPG Magazine

October 31, 2008

A new experiment for T.   I’m entering the blogosphere. Most of the time, I’m a stagehand.  But, to keep my sanity I stain wood, take photographs or start some other crazy project.  This is where I intend to share those projects.  To give you an example, this week, since I’ve had some free time, I’ve been making sugar skulls out of various things –both cupcakes and chocolate.  (They’re not perfect, but I’m still learnin’.)

I also uploaded a new photo to JPG mag.  The theme is Shoot from the Hip, vote for me if you like it!The challenge was to take a picture without looking through the viewfinder.  How’d I do? However, the stained wood projects are the ones that have been with me the longest.  My last big project was to build and stain a drum with my husband. Here’s a sneak peak: