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No time for art, sorry.

February 21, 2009
Day 5

I’ve been busy.  Working, mostly.

So, I thought I might share some photos of my week.  I’ve been driving about 70 miles to North Vernon each morning (leaving town at 6am — ack!) to help update the rigging at the Jennings County High School auditorium.

My guess is that some of the things we are replacing are original to the building from 1968.

The first day was spent on top of the scaffold taking down all of their soft goods:  main curtain, several pairs of legs, a few borders and couple of travellers.

We’re currently working to replace all of the chains used to hang the pipes from the ceiling trusses. It doesn’t look like much from the floor — just giant dust bunnies and broken links of chain.  You can ask any of the teachers that like to wander in.  They tend to leave looking disappointed.

Old vs. new

Old vs. new