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DC Star

November 13, 2008

I think I’m getting this one worked out.

I worked on a sample version on a warped pine trivet that I had lying around.  I snapped a few pics to show the process if anyone is interested.  I’ve already changed my mind, and it no longer fits on the 9 inch square that I was using.  I added a line outside the big star, and it looks like I’ll need to reduce the size.

I purchased a new circle cutter, and was pleased to find out that it seems to work well for painter’s tape!  I’m looking forward to doing an offiical version.  Yes, I have a few more changes in mind.

A new trivet idea

November 8, 2008

I’m thinking about star patterns.

DC starI took a picture while I was working in DC this year, and I can’t seem to shake the image.  Where else but DC would I take a picture of an interesting star pattern?  We were walking around The Mall in our few hours of free time before starting our gig, and decided to check out the newest memorial.  The World War II memorial.  It was hot and full of people.  I wasn’t inspired to take pictures until I found this drainage grate.  If I can make this work, it will be an entirely new type of star for me.  You can see a couple of others on the drum post.

For comparison, here are a few that made it into my repertoire. A coaster set done on maple: